Value for Schools


National Board Certification and Leadership: Carol Skiba, NBCT

Schools with many National Board Certified Teachers have strong professional communities, focused on leadership, learning, and collaboration. The culture of the school benefits from the common language of the National Board Standards, which centers discussions on professional practice and student learning. These schools are characterized by higher rates of teacher morale and retention and increased community involvement.

The presence of NBCTs also demonstrates the school’s commitment to excellence to students, parents, school boards, school districts and others. With increasing evidence about the positive impact of National Board Certification on student achievement, schools benefit by having NBCTs in their classrooms.

Understand the Components

  • Review the National Board Standards and component instructions for your certificate area.
  • National Board Certification is offered in 25 certificate areas that span 16 content areas and four student developmental levels.
  • In all certificate areas, candidates are required to complete four components consisting of:

Computer-based assessment - administered at a testing center
Component 1: Content Knowledge
Portfolio entries - submit online
Component 2: Differentiation in Instruction
Component 3: Teaching Practice and Learning Environment
Component 4: Effective and Reflective Practitioner

  • ​Teachers must attempt each of the four components within the first three years of their candidacy. You will have two opportunities to retake each component.
  • Certification may take anywhere from one to five years, depending on the approach taken

Select Components

  • You may select and pay for each component individually.
  • You will receive a confirmation for each component selected.

Pay Fees

  • Although payment is not required when a component is selected, you must complete the order process by selecting Submit Order for the component to be reflected on your account. Until you select Submit Order, no payment – including potential third party payments – can be applied to your account.
  • Fees must be paid prior to the January 31 payment deadline.
  • Even if you are expecting payment from a third party, you must be prepared to submit payment in full if the third party payment is not received by the published deadline.
  • In addition to the $75 annual registration fee, each of the four assessment components costs $475 (total cost of components is $1,900). Any retake attempts cost additionally.
  • The In Your State page has an interactive map you can use to learn more about available financial support and incentives.