Value for Students

Value for Students

Michael de la Torre, NBCT on National Board Certification, Value for Students

Teachers know the most important part of their job is having a daily impact on students. The standards encompass skills that are effective in all teaching environments, including the most challenging.

Research shows that NBCTs have a greater impact on student learning and achievement than non-certified teachers, with their students outperforming their peers in other classrooms.  Students of Board-certified teachers regularly engage in purposeful learning experiences tied to their unique needs and interests.  As a result, students and their parents increasingly seek out educators who have met the profession’s highest standards.

Understand Fees

  • Many states and local school districts have recognized the value of National Board Certification by offering salary increases, bonuses, or other incentives to educators who become NBCTs. There are also some state and local funds available to help cover the cost of National Board Certification. Before you register, contact your state or local program administrator to see what incentives and funding are available in your area. The In Your State page has an interactive map you can use to learn more about available supports and incentives.
  • Candidates have the option to pay for and submit each component separately. There is a $75 nonrefundable and nontransferable, annual registration fee. In addition to the $75 annual registration fee, each of the four assessment components costs $475 (total cost of components is $1,900). Any retake attempts are an additional fee.