Maintenance of Certification

National Board Certification is a public assurance that teachers have met the profession’s highest standards for accomplished practice. It also signifies that teachers are up to date on the knowledge and best practice in their certificate area. As in other professions, certification is a credential that requires periodic demonstration of knowledge and skills. 

Introducing: Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

The National Board has recently revised its policy for maintenance of certification, and will require Board-certified teachers to demonstrate their knowledge and skills every five years. Once introduced in 2021, according to the table below, the National Board will no longer extend certificates through the current 10-year renewal process. This new policy reflects tremendous changes in education in the past two decades since National Board Certification was first introduced. It is also aligned with the movement of 40 state licensure systems to a five-year renewal period. Most importantly, it reflects the National Board’s effort to make certification more affordable and efficient for all teachers, so that that it can become the norm in the profession. 

Rollout of MOC

This change will take effect for current candidates who certify in 2017 and later. Beginning in 2021, as existing 10-year certificates expire, NBCTs will extend their certificate at five-year intervals through the new MOC process. Please refer to the table below to see how the change may affect you. (NBCTs: To look up your certificate's expiration date, check your records in the NBCT directory.)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will the MOC process look like?
Development of the maintenance of certification has not yet started, but we are hoping to keep it similar to completion of a single component of the certification process every five years. This is in contrast to the current renewal process, which requires a “Profile of Professional Growth,” with three interrelated components and a reflection.  

2. Will MOC be more expensive than the current renewal process?
Actually, we expect maintenance of certification to be less expensive than what NBCTs are currently paying for renewal. We are working to keep it as close to the cost of a single certification component (currently $475) as possible.

3. Is this a change from what current candidates have been told?
No. The policy change announcement regarding the five-year MOC process was consistent with the information provided in the Guide to National Board Certification since 2014, which has always stated that the length of the certificate will be no more than 10, but no fewer than 5 years. The Guide has now been updated to reflect the five-year MOC process. 
4. Can I withdraw my candidacy?
We strongly believe in the power of the National Board process and hope that you will not opt to withdraw due to this change.  However, if you do chose to do so, you may withdraw by the March 31, 2015 deadline (this is for 2014-15 candidates). To learn more about withdrawal, including certain restrictions, please consult the Guide

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