National Board Field Tests

Test Drive Certification

The National Board is seeking PreK-12 teachers in most content areas, as well as college and graduate students pursuing a teaching license, to volunteer to take part in in-person and virtual field tests of the revised National Board Certification assessment.

We are currently accepting applications to field test Components 1 and 3 of the revised assesment: 

Component 1: Content Knowledge (phase 2 field test) 

Component 1 is a computer-based assessment completed at a test center in your region. The Content Knowledge field test consists of two portions. One portion is the Constructed Response Items (CRIs) and the other portion is the Selected Response Items (SRIs). Field testing appointments for both portions will be April-August 2015 with exam dates varying depending on certificate area.

If you are selected for both portions of the Content Knowledge field test, you will need to schedule two separate appointments. Participants may be able to schedule back-to-back appointments based on the availability at the testing centers.

Resources for Component 1

The revised Career and Technical Education (CTE) certification is available for field testing in Component 1. The new Career and Technical Education Standards are now available. Field testing for the other three CTE components will take place in 2015-16. You will find the schedule for CTE below:

2014-2015  2015-2016  2016-2017 
Component 1 Field Tested Component 1 Operational Component 1 Operational
  Component 2 Field Tested Component 2 Operational
  Component 3 Field Tested Component 3 Operational
  Component 4 Field Tested Component 4 Operational


Component 3: Teaching Practice and Learning Environment

This component involves creating a portfolio entry including video segments of your teaching. As part of the experience, you will complete this component and upload your ePortfolio by May 20th, 2015. Participation for this component will begin once field testers are selected.

Resources for Component 3

Participants for the Component 3: Teaching Practice and Learning Environment field test must fill out the release forms below and keep the release forms in their possession: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any incentives for taking part in the field tests?

A: As a token of our thanks, field test participants will be eligible to receive: 

  • Recognition: A letter of commendation from the National Board for your commitment to this effort.
  • CEUs: The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) is offering two (2) Continuing Education Units ($75 per CEU) or one (1) graduate credit ($300 per credit) to the participants in the 2015 Field Test for Component  3 – “Teaching Practice and Classroom Environment” of the revised National Board Certification Process. This offer will also apply to the participants in the Component 1 phase 2 – “Content Knowledge” Field Test. For a syllabus of requirements and how to enroll directions for the 2015 Spring and Summer Terms, visit - click “NBPTS Programs.”
  • Gift cards: Component 1: Content Knowledge - Up to $50 in either Amazon or Powell's Books gift cards, $25 upon successful completion of each online testing appointment (Selected Response Items, Constructed Response Items). 
  • Right to resubmit: The National Board will grant field test participants for Component 3 and 4 the right to resubmit portions of their portfolios for certification purposes. This only applies to field test participants who are eligible for National Board Certification at the time they complete their field test component. For more information regarding the legality of this incentive click here

Q: Will I get a score after the test?

A: No scores will be given to participants, as the field tests are for research only and cannot be counted toward certification. The purpose of the field test is to help shape the future of National Board Certification for the benefit of teachers across the country. It is also your opportunity to test drive the certification process before jumping in.

Q: Is there any cost to participate in the field tests?

A: There is no cost for you to participate.

Q. Where will the field tests be given?

A. The Content Knowledge field tests will be given at a Pearson VUE Assessment center. Component 3 will take place online by uploading your ePortfolio. 

Q. Can I pursue certification at the same time as participating in the field tests?

A. It is not necessary to be Board certified to participate, and you can pursue certification as a candidate while taking part in the field tests.

Q. Am I eligible to participate in Component 1: Content Knowledge phase 2 if I already participated in the first phase?

A. Field test participants who have taken the Selected Response portion in phase 1 of Content Knowledge will only be eligible to take the Constructed Response portion in phase 2. While participants who have taken the Constructed Response portion in phase 1 can only take the Selected Response portion in phase 2.

Q. How do I submit my Component 3 portfolio? 

A. You will submit your portfolio entry electronically using our online submission system. The submission window is April 1, 2015 - May 20, 2015. In order to submit your portfolio using the ePortfolio system, you will need a voucher code. You will receive your voucher code on April 1, 2015 if you are selected.

Q. How do I request an accommodation? 

A. Please see the Request Testing Accommodations Form and Instructions for next steps.


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