Renewal Process

Profile of Professional Growth

The renewal process is not recertification. It’s a process by which you compile and submit a Profile of Professional Growth (PPG), demonstrating how your practices continue to align with the Five Core Propositions in your certificate area. In contrast to initial certification, the PPG is a single submission composed of three interrelated components and a reflection. These components draw upon a single group of Professional Growth Experiences (PGEs) you select.


Beginning in 2021, NBCTs will extend their certificate through a new process called maintenance of certification (MOC). Please click here for additional details. 

Also, please note the Standards for your certificate area may have been revised since you initially achieved certification. Please click here for the current standards.

  • Component 1: This requires you to submit responses to prompts related to four areas of your professional growth that reflect your continuous commitment and contributions to professional activities that ultimately have an impact on student learning.
  • Component 2: This requires you to choose one of your PGEs featured in Component 1 and demonstrate its application in the same content and developmental level as your original certification. You do not have to be a full-time teacher in the classroom to complete this component.
  • Component 3: This requires you select another PGE from Component 1 (not the one used in Component 2) and demonstrate either a direct or indirect impact on student learning.
  • Reflection: Submit a written reflection that requires you to analyze the connections and patterns among the first three components, focusing on challenges encountered as well as plans for continued professional growth and efforts to impact student learning.

Previous renewal candidates report the PPG process takes 30-40 hours. Since candidates for renewal have already demonstrated they are highly accomplished teachers, approximately 9 out of 10 candidates successfully renew their certification.


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