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Transitioning into Leadership Roles: Hear from NBCTs
from across the nation about how Board certification
opens doors for teacher leadership.

In this video, NBCTs‬ describe their journey through the
Board certification process and how it shaped
their teaching practice.

This video features NBCTs as they reflect on the
importance of National Board Certification in
advancing the teaching profession.

This downloadable Prezi presentation outlines the
revised National Board certification process
for candidate recruitment.  

This compelling animated infographic gives an overview
of the benefits of National Board Certification and
the Five Core Propositions from the perspective
of a Board-certified teacher. 

The Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI), a partnership between
the National Board, NEA and the Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ),
recently published a beginning vision for Teacher Leadership
Competencies. The TLI model articulates three pathways for
teacher leadership and provides a way to think
about the skills, knowledge and traits needed for each. 

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About Certification

Certificate Areas

Field Tests

National Board: What is it?

Five Core Propositions




Component 1

Component 2


Certificates, Standards,
and Instructions

App Overview


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