Score Release

National Board Certification is a standards-based assessment. Your score reflects the degree to which assessors were able to locate clear, consistent, and convincing evidence that you have met the National Board Standards specific to your certificate field. When results are reported, you will receive a score for each component attempted, as well as information to assist you in making decisions on whether or not to retake.

The National Board will release scoring decisions for candidates who started or completed National Board Certification or Certification Renewal during the 2016-17 assessment cycle as follows in the table below. In the event an earlier date is identified, the National Board will update this page and will send an email notification to all candidates awaiting results.


Score Release

Certification Renewal

November 2017

First-time and Returning Candidates
(you started the process in 2014 or later)

On or before December 31, 2017

Note: Public announcement of renewed and new National Board Certified Teachers will occur soon after results are released to candidates.


Review your program specific materials, such as certificate-specific standards, scoring guides, component/entry directions, and FAQs to learn more about the scoring process and your scores.

Materials: Certification Renewal / First-time Candidates

FAQs: Certification Renewal / First-time Candidates